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About Us

Unity Aviation Canada Ltd., founded in 1998, is a specialized transportation company dedicated to leasing and maintaining the world-renowned DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft.

At Unity Aviation Canada Ltd., we hold our product and maintenance to the highest standards. Along with the addition and growth in the fleet of DHC-6 Twin Otters, Unity has also invested considerably in tooling to facilitate the three Aviation disciplines approved under AMO 60-02 – Structures, Aircraft, and Avionics.

At Unity Aviation Canada Ltd. we know how important it is to have a positive, hardworking, well rounded team that shares in a common goal. Unity Aviation Canada Ltd. strives to develop and invest in all staff. The Unity Aviation Canada Ltd. staff have consistently completed overhauls and maintenance of the DHC-6 Twin Otter on schedule and on budget.

At Unity Aviation Canada Ltd., we are overhaul and lease configuration specialists, supporting aircraft maintenance operations for Unity Group Ltd. Twin Otter Leasing. We believe in this venerable aircraft, providing service and sustainability. We have developed our product and services by working with our customers and are very much a relationship-based company. We believe this has been our platform for success to date and will provide opportunities going forward. Truly our relationships and reputation are strengthened by our values, ethics and integrity which is always a challenge in a young company. In most occasions doing the right thing is not the most profitable, but is always the key ingredient for long-term survival and satisfaction.

We offer dedicated maintenance and repair services, adhering to original manufacturers' specifications with a talented team of highly experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. We are dedicated to the highest quality standards and a customer centric approach whether supporting the maintenance of DHC-6 Twin Otters worldwide or providing maintenance in our facility in Airdrie, Alberta Canada. Unity Aviation Canada Ltd. has set the bar very high in terms of quality, reliability and the overall finish of our DHC-6 Twin Otter overhauls and maintenance.